Getting around Austin can be difficult and time consuming. I am fortunate to have two office spaces available. One in central Austin and the other located in north Austin

The Central Austin location is in a three story building close to the intersection of Lamar and MLK and across from Pease Park. Parking is most conveniently located by turning onto old 19th street and parking behind our building. From there, walk down the stairs leading to the building, turn left, and look for the first staircase going up, which will lead you to the 3rd floor. Our office is the first door on the left. An elevator can also be found on the ground floor (under the building) that will lead you to our office. You can also park in the “visitor” slots in front of the building.

1907 N Lamar BLVD Austin TX 78705

The North Austin Location is located off Howard Lane just west of I-35, The office is in the Sol Healing and Wellness Center. The center offers a safe, intentional, learning and healing environment where professionals collaborate to provide wellness services.

13805 Ann Pl, Austin, TX 78728